We specialize in beautiful, durable protective epoxy coatings for all concrete surfaces – from upgrading or repairing garage, basement, and commercial flooring, to creating stunning metallic reflective finishes to enhance any space. Call (317) 430-0851, or request a quick quote. We serve the Indianapolis area and beyond.

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Quartz Coating Systems

When you need hard-wearing seamless flooring that provides exceptional value and performance in high-traffic commercial areas, quartz epoxy flooring is the solution you’re seeking. Chemically resistant and extremely durable with exceptional cleanability, quartz floors stand up beautifully to the demands of daily wear and tear.

Professional Epoxy Floor Coating

Benefits of Concrete Epoxy Coatings

  • Durable and impermeable. Our coatings seal and protect your concrete surfaces from road salt, seasonal stresses and all household and automotive chemicals.
  • Non-staining. Drips, spills, grime and weather woes are no match for our coatings.
  • Easy cleanup. Your new flooring is easy to clean and maintain and always looks good.
  • Color options. Choose from a multitude of color options.
  • Repair imperfections. Our crews are highly skilled at concrete restoration. From minor cracking and pitting to more extensive repairs, the transformation will amaze you!
  • Living space. Some families choose to make the garage an extended living space for various activities & purposes