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Residential Garage Floor Coatings in Carmel

When it comes to garage floor coating and other residential and commercial epoxy flooring, we’ve got you covered. Our epoxy and polyaspartic concrete coatings are the best in the business. Here’s how the process works:


Our highly skilled technicians evaluate the concrete surface for moisture content, damage, and density. We then mechanically grind all surfaces with a diamond grinder to the ideal profile recommended by the ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute). This creates a porous and contaminant-free surface to ensure proper adhesion of our coating.

Concrete Repairs

Cracks, pitting, and imperfections are repaired with a flexible, elastomeric coating, and a moisture mitigation primer is then applied, if conditions indicate.

Epoxy Coating Application

A 100% solid, BPA-free industrial grade epoxy polymer is applied, and then we can apply either a decorative flake system, a quartz floor coating, or no addition for a solid color floor. You have a wide selection of color choices, both in a full or partial flake. Our decorative flakes epoxy floors are available in flake sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 1/4″. Not only do they create a truly customizable look, but the flakes also help create a non-slip surface.

Detailing & Clear Coating

In this final step, the floor is sanded, and a protective Ultra UV clear coat or polyaspartic topcoat is applied to prevent fading, cracking, or peeling and to protect your surface. We add aggregate to the topcoat to create better traction and a non-slip surface.

Benefits of Epoxy Coated Floors

  • Durable and impermeable. Garage floor epoxy protects from most household and commercial chemicals.
  • Non-staining. During step 1 of the install, any current stains will be removed from the garage floor with the diamond grinder. When finished, your floor will be resistant to further stains.
  • Easy cleanup. An epoxy floor cleans up easily with household cleaners and even water and vinegar. It will always look good.
  • Our products are BPA-free and contain no harmful VOCs.
  • A multitude of color options are available whether you choose the flake system, quartz coatings, or solid color coatings.
  • Repair imperfections. If your floor has cracks and pits from years of use, the process will repair them. Ask us about the process if you have major damage.
  • Living space. Often times, your new floor coating allows you to extend your living space into your garage area