Since 2008, the professionals at Indy Floor Coating have been installing seamless flooring in residences and businesses alike. Whether you need a durable, slip-resistant floor for a commercial enterprise or are looking for basement floor epoxy at your home in Westfield, we have exactly what you need. Request a quick quote, or call (317) 430-0851. You can also read our About and FAQ pages for more information.

Residential Epoxy Floor Coatings

Residential Floors

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Commercial Floors


Floor Coating Options

At Indy Floor Coating, we are the experts in residential, light industrial, and commercial epoxy flooring. No matter which application you need, we have a product that will work.

Flake System Coatings

Our flake system has three layers: a 100% solids base coat, vinyl flakes, and a performance topcoat. It’s a versatile product with many color choices to match any design scheme, as well as restoring pitting, cracks, and stains.

Quartz Coatings

Our quartz double broadcast coating system is the perfect choice for commercial applications where superior slip-resistance and hygienic properties are necessary. Our hand-troweled cove base creates truly seamless flooring needed for back-of-the-house areas of restaurants, commercial kitchens, clinics, and more.

Solid Color Coatings

Solid color coatings are the most economical choice, yet they create a stunning floor for restaurants, businesses, basements, and other interior surfaces. Trust our designers to make your home remodeling a success.

All three choices form a barrier that is impervious to most household and commercial chemicals, as well as having the benefit of easy care.

Residential Floor Coatings

An epoxy floor repairs and beautifies several areas of a home. A garage floor coating is becoming the standard for new builds, and Westfield is no exception. Whether you use the garage as a place for messy projects or you want to use it as a showcase for your sports cars, a flake system coating is the perfect choice.

Inside the house, basements can be transformed into beautiful spaces for entertaining, and utility rooms can become functional spaces, resistant to leakage.

Commercial Floor Coatings

The epoxy floor installers of Indy Floor Coating have installed our floor coatings in numerous commercial establishments across Central Indiana. The applications are almost endless and include everything from manufacturing and warehouse flooring to athletic facilities, medical buildings, and retail, just to name a few.