Since 2008, Indy Floor Coating has been protecting and restoring concrete floors in Indianapolis and across central Indiana. Feel free to peruse some of the questions we frequently hear, or call us at (317) 430-0851. You can also request a quick quote now!

NO. We use ONLY industrial grade, 100% solid epoxy polymers and polyaspartic coatings – the strongest and most durable of all coating formulations. Most DIY retail products are water-based and not made to last. And, manufacturers of DIY products recommend an acid wash (unlike the use of a professional grinder), which is then rinsed out with water. In short, whenever moisture is involved, coatings are sure to fail.

This depends upon the type of coating and, therefore, the application process and the season. Generally, after 24 hours, a floor can handle foot traffic. After 48 hours (72 hours in the winter) the floor can take vehicle traffic.

No. Indy Floor Coating is a family-owned independent business. As such, we are not subject to franchise regulations and fees; instead, we are free to choose and use the best epoxy and polyaspartic concrete floor coating products on the market.

We use a diamond grinder or shot blaster to remove the concrete seal and any staining or existing coatings. Grinding the concrete creates a very porous surface and allows for exceptional adhesion of the new coating.

Floors are caulked and patched as needed, along with any additional sanding – all with continuous vacuuming with a HEPA vac – trapping 99.97 percent of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Yes. Once the grinding is complete and the surface is prepped, we fill all cracks with a flexible elastomeric sealer to ensure they will not reappear with future concrete shifting. In addition to crack repair and patching, our self-leveling epoxy polymer base coat fills any existing pitting or spalling – often caused by vehicle road salt – leaving behind a smooth and level finish. The results are so dramatic you won’t believe the floor was once cracked and pitted!

In newer homes, a protective epoxy or polyaspartic coating safeguards the investment you made in your concrete. In older homes with considerable cracking and pitting, our coatings repair and beautify the surface at a fraction of the cost of new concrete. Other benefits include an easy to clean, easy to maintain surface, which is chemically resistant to nearly all household and automotive products, and always looks good.

Soap and water – any household cleaner will work! Water and vinegar works well, too.

As long as all spills are promptly removed and your floor is maintained with occasional or seasonal cleaning, you should not ever experience any staining. The only automotive product that can potentially damage your floor is battery acid.

Our polyaspartic and epoxy coatings are among the most durable on the market and protect against scuffs and scratches. We do recommend using caution when moving very heavy objects, including appliances.

Stem walls connect the foundation of a building to its walls. In a garage, it is the concrete “lip” around your floor. Not all garages have them; for those that do, they often range in size from 6-12” and size varies greatly. We think the option to coat your stem walls creates a more finished look and adds greater value to your garage floor.

No; we are experts in floor coatings. Our skilled technicians are highly trained in their specialty, and this singular focus allows us to provide you with the highest quality methods and products available.

Many of our customers move their items to the driveway – we can provide a large tarp to cover and protect them. Other economical suggestions include renting a trailer or small U-Haul type truck.