From restaurant and commercial kitchens to youth sports and recreational spaces, warehousing and manufacturing, to automotive facilities and more, our commercial floor coating systems provide exceptional value and performance in high-traffic areas. Call us at (317) 430-0851 before you start your project – you’ll be glad you did!

Commercial Coatings

We offer safe, clean, resilient and aesthetically appealing industrial flooring solutions to meet the demands of each unique enterprise or organization in variety of options like decorative flake floors, quartz systems (including the expertise to provide hand-troweled cove base), hi-wear urethanes, metallics, and solid color epoxy and polyaspartic coatings.

We use only 100% solids industrial grade polymers for superior surface stability, stain resistance and unrivaled durability in high-traffic areas. You won’t find better seamless commercial epoxy flooring solutions as cost-effective, scratch and abrasion resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Environmentally safe, our coatings are BPA-free with low VOCs.

Family-owned, we’re known for our customer service with a deep commitment to going the extra mile, with skills other can’t match. We take great pride in every commercial epoxy floor we create – on budget and on-time. Every time.

Steps to a Beautiful and Durable Floor


Our highly skilled technicians evaluate the floor for moisture content, damage, and density. We then mechanically grind all surfaces with a diamond grinder to the ideal profile recommended by the ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute). This resurfacing creates a porous and contaminant-free surface to ensure proper adhesion of our coating.

Concrete Repairs

Cracks, pitting and imperfections are repaired at this stage. A moisture mitigation or other primer is applied as conditions indicate.

Coating Applications

A high-build, 100% solids, BPA-Free industrial-grade polymer is applied as a base coat. What follows is either a second solid color high-build coat can be applied, or vinyl flake or quartz sand is broadcast into the surface. Urethane Cement is applied when conditions require chemical resistance, high temperatures performance, or more extensive substrate reinforcement.

Detailing & Clear Coating

In this final step, the floor is sanded, and polyaspartic topcoat is applied to prevent fading, cracking, or peeling and to protect your surface. We add aggregate to the topcoat to create better traction and a non-slip surface.

Why Work with Us?

  • As a family-owned independent business, we have the flexibility to use the best products on the market to meet your project-specific requirements. We are not subject to the confines of a franchise, allowing us to better serve your needs.
  • We employ the most experienced, talented installers in the area.
  • Superior customer service and attention to detail are our top priorities.
  • Our eco-friendly products are BPA-free and contain no harmful VOCs.
  • We have extensive industry knowledge.
  • We are excellent at restoration work.
  • We work on time and on budget.
  • We also handle residential work including garage floors, basements & more, and exterior surfaces.

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