Epoxy floor coatings are sometimes the last frontier in home renovations for garages and basements. This epoxy floor coating for concrete creates a beautiful, durable floor for interior spaces. Since 2008, Indy Floor Coating has repaired and enhanced countless floors in Zionsville and nearby areas. Request a quick quote, or call (317) 430-0851 today for more information.

Residential Epoxy Floor Coatings

Residential Floors

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Commercial Floors


Floor Coating Choices

Flake System Coatings

Our flake system is applicable for both residential and commercial floors. Numerous flake and color choices make this a customizable option to match any décor. Garages, basements, and other interior spaces all benefit from a floor coating. It also works in commercial spaces. Our epoxy floor installers have worked in restaurants, warehouses, clinics, restrooms, athletic facilities, offices, and manufacturing buildings in Zionsville and nearby areas.

Quartz Coatings

Quartz coatings are highly durable, with a hand-troweled cove base floor, fitted for commercial applications. It’s a double broadcast process that creates a tough, granular finish with superior slip-resistance. Consider it for veterinarian offices, clinics, and back-of-the-house areas in commercial kitchens and restaurants, for example, where hygienic, seamless flooring is a necessity.

Solid Color Coatings

The most economical of the three, solid color coatings are a good option for restaurants, basements, industrial, and businesses as they have a durable finish that holds up to the wear and tear of foot traffic.

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  • We are an independent company, family-owned and operated. We are not a franchise, so we are not subject to their fees and product requirements. We use the best products in the industry.
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