Is your garage so overrun by junk that you can’t even use it? Do you have a list of projects piling up that you’d love to complete if only you had the workspace? If so, our team at Indy Floor Coating has the answer to your problem: Create a garage workshop! With the right cleaning, storage, and flooring, your garage can easily be transformed into a space you’ll be proud to work in.

Garage Workshop

Clean and Accessible Tool Storage

The first step is to clean out your space and start thinking about ways to store everything you need to keep in the garage. For safety reasons, it’s important to keep a clean workspace and make sure everything has a place. This will avoid tripping or other accidents. If you have to continue storing non-workshop items in your garage, we recommend a dedicated set of shelves out of the way of your projects. But again, be sure everything is able to be put up out of the way. Once your area is clean, invest in a high-quality tool chest that is neatly organized and able to be locked if needed. Be sure to find one that will protect your tools against rust or corrosion, and install drawer mats to keep your tools from sliding around.

Extra Lighting

Most garages come standard with a single light bulb as the primary lighting, leaving the space quite dark and shadowy. Track lighting is an easy option to install and gives some directional overhead lighting. However, if you plan to work on projects bent over a workbench, you will likely need a table lamp as well to avoid casting shadows on your work. In the summer, it can be nice to work with the door open to take advantage of natural lighting. But here in Indiana, we have to account for the many months that it’s too cold to leave the door open.


One of the quickest ways to enhance your space is by refreshing your garage floor. Whether your concrete is in need of repair from cracks and pitting, or you want to protect it from any damage occurring in the first place, our coatings provide exceptional durability. Impermeable, abrasion- and fade-resistant, coated floors are easy to clean. And, they create lasting value for years to come. Your floor will withstand anything you – or Mother Nature – can dish out. 

When planning your garage transformation, contact Indy Floor Coating at (317) 430-0851 for the most durable and beautiful garage floor coatings. We specialize in protective epoxy coatings for all concrete surfaces – from upgrading or repairing garage and basement floors to commercial flooring.