If you’re looking for a way to enhance and strengthen your residential exterior concrete, Indy Floor Coating can help. Since 2008, we’ve specialized in floor coatings of epoxy hybrid polymers and polyaspartic concrete coatings for both residential and commercial surfaces. We can take your concrete walkways and patios and turn them into beautiful and durable areas, perfect for everything from workspace areas to entertaining. Request a free estimate now, or call (317) 430-0851. We serve Indianapolis and beyond.

Outdoor Epoxy Flooring for Natural Living

If your current concrete is cracked, stained, or simply unattractive, our outdoor concrete coatings can increase your curb appeal factor. Customers ask us to enhance their outdoor spaces so they can make better use of them as well as put their best face forward in the neighborhood.


Our industrial-grade coatings have an exceptional ability to restore and protect concrete. In addition to our quartz and solid color coatings, our decorative flake system coatings are designed for outdoor use and come in many natural stone colors, perfect for a patio where you can entertain family, friends, and clients. It’s also UV-resistant, providing sun-fade protection and superior durability.


Ready to revitalize an aging porch? Choose the coating and color that sets off your porch, and simply add cozy seating and side tables for a beautiful, relaxing space to read a book or sip a lemonade on a gorgeous day.


Refresh your sidewalks at a fraction of the cost of pouring new concrete. Gone are the unsightly pitted and stained sidewalks that detracted from your home. Once installed, the outdoor concrete epoxy is easy to maintain and keep clean.

How Our Process Works

When it comes to outdoor concrete epoxy coatings, we’ve got you covered. Our epoxy and polyaspartic concrete coatings are the best in the business. Here’s how the process works:


Our highly skilled technicians evaluate the concrete of your porch, patio, or walkway for moisture content, damage, and density. We then mechanically grind all surfaces with a diamond grinder to the ideal profile recommended by the ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute). This creates a porous and contaminant-free surface to ensure proper adhesion of our coating

Concrete Repairs

All cracks, pitting, and imperfections are repaired with a flexible, elastomeric coating, and a moisture mitigation primer is then applied, if conditions indicate.

Epoxy Coating Application

A 100% solids, BPA-free industrial grade epoxy polymer is applied and then either a decorative flake or quartz system is broadcast on the surface. Choose from a variety of flake sizes and colors to create a natural-looking surface that’s ideal for outdoor spaces.

UV Stable Topcoat

In this final step, the surface is sanded and a protective polyaspartic topcoat is applied to prevent fading. An aggregate is added to the topcoat to provide better traction and slip resistance.

Keep in mind that as a family-owned, independent business, Indy Floor Coating is not subject to the constraints and high-prices of a franchise. This allows us to use most tested and durable products on the market – whether it’s an epoxy polymer, polyaspartic or polyurea. With more options and more industry knowledge, we can recommend which application is best for your project.